Alphabetical List of YouTube Videos

#&@$! Taxes...!

Acknowledging Where You Are

Acting As Though You Have Nothing Better to Do 

Adaptability - Response-ability  

Addicted to Getting/Having Stuff (and keeping it) 

Addiction to Social Media (being ruled by the internet)

Afraid of Being Powerful  

Afraid that More Money Would Cause Bad Things

Afraid to Dream (Shouldn't have wants)

Afraid to Feel Lovable (and/or Loved)

Afraid to Heal

Allowing and Receiving

Allowing Great Things

Allowing Love 

Allowing Miracles

Allowing Money (and other good stuff)

Amazing Day Quickie 

Anger - QuickTapping

Angry at the Dog for Shedding (and similar futile upsets)


Appreciate Your Body

Appreciating Challenge  

Are You Doing Enough...? 

Are Your Goals Counter-Intentions? (Wanting Something Different)

Arguing for Limitations

Ashamed About Current Circumstances

Ask For No Resistance (with thanks to David Meltzer) 

Asking Better Questions  

Asking for (and Accepting) Help  

Assume Things are Great

Attachment to Stuff 

Attitude Adjustment (A Real Difference-Maker) 

Attracting Abundance Hypnosis - Money Magnet Guided Imagery

Avoiding "I told you so"  

Avoiding Scheduling Things

Avoiding What Works/Avoiding Success

Awaken the Dragon Within - Happy Chinese New Year  

Badmouthing Others - Gossiping

Be a Zen Dog

Be Different 

Be Extraordinary (Clear your resistance to being so)

Be Legendary!

Be Set Free Fast   (with a bit o' BSFF)

Be Super! 

Be That Way (Enhancing Positive Qualities) - MTC   

Be True to Yourself

Be Your Own Genie

Be Yourself

Beating Yourself Up   

Begrudging Others Success

Being a "Good Eater"

Being a "People Pleaser"

Being a Channel for Genius  

Being a Friend Magnet

Being a Honey Badger (in a good way)  

Being a Money Magnet  

Being a Picky Eater

Being Afraid of a Certain Person

Being an Empty Nester

Being At Peace When Others Aren't -

Being Bolder 

Being bothered by things that may not concern you

Being Bullied  

Being Consistent 

Being Content (or not...)  

Being Different to Please Others  

Being Emotionally Manipulated

Being Exceptional

Being Filled with Holiday Spirit!

Being Good at the Wrong Things

Being in Your Right Mind

Being Inconvenienced

Being Inspired by Others

Being Judged  

Being Kind (What the world really needs now...)

Being Lied To

Being Limitless

Being Money-Wise (clearing resistance to being smarter with money)

Being More - Personal Development/Improvement

Being More Deserving

Being More Loving (please and thank you)

Being More Open Minded

Being More Optimistic  

Being Negative to Fit In  

Being OK with "No"  

Being Okay with Receiving Benefits  

Being One of the Greats - Extreme Achievement ("Whiplash") 

Being Open to Change

Being Open to Opportunities

Being Peace  

Being Perfectly Imperfect (or Imperfectly Perfect...?)

Being Proactive  

Being Self-Destructive  

Being Selfish  

Being Taken for Granted (Feeling Unappreciated)

Being Understanding and Compassionate (with yourself as well as others)

Being Unemployed

Being Unstoppable  

Being Willing to Be Willing

Being Willing to Fail (very important for success...) 

Being Willing to Get the Results 

Being Wrong About Yourself

Belief Beyond Belief - Tapping away self-doubt 


Blaming Yourself

Boost Your Immune System 

Boosting Morale 

Brave Like Bowie - Taking Risks and Being Creative  

Brought Down by Others  

Bumps in the Road (fear that it won't be easy)

Burned Out (or Burnt Out - either one...)  

"But Tapping Seems So Silly..."  

Buttons Got Pushed...?

Can't Do Everything  

Caring More - for the Rainforests and You

Chakra Clearing 

Change Your Mind - Doing things differently to get different results 

Change Your Mind (About Success, Money, Love, Memories, etc...)

Change Your Operating Manual - Guided Imagery 

Changing Focus - from Bad to Good  

Changing the Past  

Cheating Yourself  

Chill Out! (Take a chill pill and calm down before you hurt someone)

Chip on Your Shoulder...?

Choose to Be Unstoppable  

Choosing to Be Happy 

Choosing to Suffer  

Choosing to Win - Deciding to Succeed

Clear the Economic Fear  

Clearing a Fear of Snakes 

Clearing Anger  

Clearing Complacency - Tapping into Action  

Clearing Fear and Worry  

Clearing Feelings of Deprivation

Clearing Greed 

Clearing Guilt and Shame  

Clearing Hatred  

Clearing Regret

Clearing Resentment  

Clearing Resentment  

Clearing Resistance  

Clearing Resistance Quickie

Clearing Stress and Constricted Breathing  

Clearing Toxins

Clearing What Isn't Love 

Clearing World Anger

Client Magnet

Clowns - from Fear to Love

Committing to Your Goals

Comparing Yourself to Others

Compassion Fatigue

Complaining About How Expensive Things Are

Compulsive Mastication - Eating to Feel Better 

Conditional Commitment ("I'll do if... unless...")

Conditional Happiness - "I Can't Feel Good Until..."  

Coronavirus - Dealing with Outbreak Fear  

Crap Happens (and you can handle it)  

Crappy Benefits

Criticizing Others - Needing to Scold 

Crossing Lines (and setting off alarms)

Crush It! (Carpe Diem!)

Cultivate Good Habits (free gift included) 

Cultivate Peace (the blue wristband)  

Cultivating an "I Can!" Attitude

Curb Your Curiosity (Don't be the cat that gets killed)

Dealing with a Suicide

Dealing with Aging Parents

Dealing with Clutter

Dealing with Debt  

Dealing with Divorce

Dealing with Energy Vampires

Dealing with Honey Badgers

Dealing with Intrusive Thoughts

Dealing with Obsessive Thoughts and Compulsive Behavior (OCD)

Dealing with Overindulgence  

Dealing with Rude People

Dealing with Shyness

Dealing with Tedious Tasks

Dealing with Turkeys

Deciding and Committing

Decision - Clearing the Fear to Decide  

Defeating the Law of Attraction?

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Defying Gravity - Some Wicked Tapping

Delaying Gratification

Deserving Better  

Desired Outcomes vs. Expected Outcomes

Destined to Fail? (Fear/belief that Success isn't in the cards for you)

Differences of opinion


Disappointed in Progress (or lack thereof...)

Dissociation (Needing to disconnect from the here-and-now) 

Do You Deserve It?

Do You Have What It Takes?

Doing Great in School

Doing My Part (God Helps Those Who Help Themselves)  

Doing the Right Thing  

Doing What It Takes 

Doing What's Uncomfortable

Don't Be an A**hole

Don't Have All the Answers...?

Don't Know What to Say

Don't Stand Out (Don't be a show-off)

Doubt That Others Can or Will Change  

Doubting You Deserve Better

Dump Yer Don'ts 

EFT & Ho'oponopono 

EFT Prep

EFT with the 9-Gamut Process

EFT You Are Rich - Money Beyond Belief  

Election Anger (and Fear)

Election Fears  

Embracing the Light - 40 Day Event  

Embracing the Mystery (Not Having All the Answers)

Emotional Blackmail - holding each other hostage  

Emotional Issues Manifesting Physically  

Enhancing Brain Function - Being Smarter 

Enhancing Enthusiasm

Enhancing Performance

Enhancing Prosperity Consciousness

Exercise Motivation

Expanding Your Comfort Zone

Expectations - Setting Yourself Up for an Upset 

Expecting People to be "Reasonable"

Expecting to Be Afraid (Anticipatory Fear)

Family Driving You Crazy...?  

Fasting (seems too hard to do)

Fear - QuickTapping

Fear and Panic Right Now 

Fear Holding You Back?

Fear of Being in Trouble  

Fear of Being More Productive

Fear of Being Punished

Fear of Being Seen

Fear of Being Too Sexy (Attractive, Rich, etc...)

Fear of Conflict

Fear of Disappointment  

Fear of Driving 

Fear of Failure  

Fear of Getting Hurt

Fear of Getting into a Relationship   

Fear of Haters

Fear of Having More Money  

Fear of Making Mistakes

Fear of Never Getting Better

Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of Rejection

Fear of Success

Fear of Technology

Fear of Wasting Food

Fear That More Money Means More Problems

Fear That Others Will Be Jealous

Fearing You Won't Survive

Feeding the Right Wolf  

Feel Good About Attracting Money - Visualization Tool + Tapping 

Feel Like Giving Up? Tapping on Quitting

Feel That You Have It 

Feeling a Lack of Control

Feeling All Alone

Feeling As Good As Possible (Channel Ad)

Feeling Betrayed  

Feeling Bitter  

Feeling Bored?

Feeling Broken

Feeling Connected  

Feeling Crappy (I believe that's the technical term...)

Feeling Defeated

Feeling Defensive  

Feeling Depressed

Feeling Desperate

Feeling Disappointed  

Feeling Discouraged  

Feeling Embarrassed (or even Humiliated)

Feeling Embarrassed/Ashamed of Family Members

Feeling Frustrated  

Feeling Helpless (particularly at times of tragedy)

Feeling Inadequate

Feeling Insecure 

Feeling Intimidated

Feeling Isolated/Being Quarantined

Feeling Lazy

Feeling Less Than

Feeling Let Down by the Law of Attraction

Feeling Like a Fraud

Feeling Like a Loser?

Feeling Like Damaged Goods (Beyond Hope)

Feeling Like You Are Failing

Feeling Like You're Going to Explode

Feeling Like You're Missing Out (Fasting from sweets, alcohol, etc.) 

Feeling Lonely  

Feeling Love

Feeling Love - Take Two  

Feeling Loved and Lovable

Feeling Lucky

Feeling Magnificent - MTC

Feeling Motivated Only When It's Safe

Feeling Nervous

Feeling Numb - Emotional Apathy

Feeling Others' Pain - Being Upset on Their Behalf - Weight of the World

Feeling Out of Sorts

Feeling Overwhelmed

Feeling Powerful Everywhere

Feeling Powerless to Help Others

Feeling Pressure  

Feeling Pressure to Be Happy ("You Should be Positive and Upbeat")  

Feeling Restless... Fidgety

Feeling Sad

Feeling Safe Again  

Feeling Shame  

Feeling Shame About Being Abused

Feeling Sorry for Yourself 

Feeling Stuck

Feeling that Others are Mad at You

Feeling That Something is Missing

Feeling Things are Too Messed Up

Feeling Threatened by Others' Success

Feeling Uncomfortable

Feeling Upset about Robin Williams

Feeling Used (Taken advantage of)  

Feeling Useful

Feeling Vexed (or other perturbed feelings...)

Feeling You Have to Keep Apologizing  

Feeling Yucky - Tapping for Younger Kids (and younger inner kids) 

Financial Fear (worry and stress about not having enough money)

Finding Answers and Solutions

Finding Your Purpose

"Finding" the Time to Do Things

Fluffing Up Your Energy - Law of Attraction  

Focus on Desired Results - Do What It Takes

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)  

For Caregivers

For First Responders (and others with tough jobs)  

For Kids: Tapping Away Yuckies  - The Wizard's Wish

For Parents 

Forgetting That You Are Brilliant (and other things)

Forgiving Trespasses

Forgiving Yourself 

Freaking Out

Free Your Mind (Don't let others control you)  

Freedom (and Fear) of Choice  

From "I Can't" to "I Can!"  

From "I Have To" to "I Get To"

Frustration Tolerance (Learning new things) 

Gaining Clarity

General Tapping (Quickie)  

Get in the Zone 

Get Motivated - MTC

Get Moving and Keep Moving (Friction and the 1st Law of Physics) 

Get Your Mojo Working 

Get Your S#!+ Together

Getting Better 

Getting Centered and Grounded 

Getting Clear About Your ONE Thing

Getting Closure (Unfinished Business - Loose Ends)

Getting Fired Up 

Getting Inspired - Motivation and Inspiration Tapping 

Getting into the Flow  

Getting More Than Your Money's Worth

Getting Older (Aging more gracefully)

Getting Out of the Way of Miracles

Getting Ready (Good & Ready)

Getting Started 

Getting Them to See Your Point

Give More-Get More 

Got a Yeah, Right List? 

Got Blues?

Got Stuff? (but aren't sure what it is...?)

Got the Post-Conference Blues? 


Greatness Inside - MTC

Guilt-Free Gratitude

Guilty Pleasures

Had a Rough Night?

Hakuna Matata (No Worries)

Handling Information (Bad News, Criticism, etc.)  

Handling Other People's Tough Times (spouse, partner, kids, etc)

Happiness Beyond Belief

Happy Birthday!  

Happy Holidays

Happy Tapping - Clearing Negativity (Inspired by Ellen DeGeneres)

Hating Auditions (and Interviews)

Have a Good Day       (unlisted)

Have an Amazing Day  

Haven't Done It Before - Fear of Trying New Things

Haven't Done It YET

Having a Stronger Why (motivation - why vs. why not)

Having Bad Days  

Having Difficult Conversations 

Having It All


Healing From the Inside Out

Healthy Pregnancy 

"He's Such An Idiot!" (or she... boss, family member, public figure, etc...)

Hiding Something - Keeping Secrets

Holding a Grudge

Homophobia (Choosing Love over Fear and Hate)

Honoring Your Feelings

Hoping it Won't Work

"How Can They Be So Stupid?!?"  

Hurting Yourself  

"I Can Do It!"  

"I Can't Because..." - (Clearing "reasons") 

"I Can't Imagine It" - Believing Your Goals are Possible

"I Can't Let It Go!"  

"I Can't Stop Myself"

"I Don't Deserve to Be Happy" (Rich, Successful, etc...)

"I Don't Feel Like It" - Resistance  

"I Don't Get It" - Live and Let Live

"I Don't Know How"  

"I Don't Need to Do It" - Only Motivated by Fear? 

"I Need to Stuff My Face!"

"I Really Messed Up"

"I Shouldn't Have to Tap!" (Others are successful without it)  

"I'd Rather..." - (Avoiding Success)

Idiots on the Road (Clearing Road Rage)

"If Only" - (All the reasons why you can't...)

Ignoring Consequences

"I'll Be Happy When..."

"I'm Gonna Do It!" (If it is to be...)

"I'm Not a Morning Person" (it's a choice, not a fact)

"I'm Not Ready"  

"I'm Not the Successful One" (or smart, talented, etc...)

"I'm Too Fat"

"I'm Too Old!" (or whatever...)  

"I'm too tired" - Tapping into Energy

In a Funk? (feeling down)

Increasing Desire

Inflammation (and other symptoms...)

Insecurites/Embarrassed About Being Seen (looks, height, weight, etc.)

Intro to EFT  

Intro to Magnificent Tappers Club 

Introducing the Success Thermostat


Invisible Disabilities

Is It Safe to Have What You Want?

Issues with Dad (or other male)

Issues with Mom (or other female) 

Issues with Time - (Hurry, Rushing, Being Late) 

"It Can't Be Easy"

"It Runs in the Family" (family curses)

"It'll Take So Long" (Success... goals, etc.)  

It's Okay to Succeed

It's So Unfair

"It's Too Hard!"

JFDI - Motivation

Judgment Day - End of the World Fear  

Just Say "Yes!"  

Labeling Others - Us vs. Them

Lack Mentality - Poverty Consciousness

Law of Attraction Not Working...?

Leaving the Past in the Past  

Letting Go of Jealousy  

Letting Go of Lost Causes  

Letting Go of Sunk Costs

Lighten the Load

Lighten Up!

Limiting What You Get

Limiting Your Success for the Sake of Others?

Listening With Your Heart - Being More Heart-Centered

Live More Fully

Living in Fear (Not Fully Alive) - Zombie Apocalypse

Living in Interesting Times

Living with Passion

Losing Your Temper - Needing to Intimidate

Loss and Grief  

Lost Your Job?

Love 'Em Anyway

Love Everybody (C'mon... give it a try...) 

Love Magnet - Valentine's EFT - Tapping into Love Beyond Belief

Love to Fly (and Allowing Greatness)  

Love Your Body (weight-loss?)  

Love Yourself Just As You Are

Love Yourself 

Loving Your Fearful Self

Loving Your Inner Child  

Loving Your Shadow Side  

Magnificent Tapping  

Making a Difference (You Do) 

Making Amends - Saying "I'm Sorry" 

Making Assumptions

Making Better Choices

Making Change

Making Excuses (Get Off Your "Buts")

Making Eye Contact  

Making It Happen  

Making Things More Important

Making Tough Choices - "I Don't Wanna Be the Bad Guy"  

Making Up Your Mind (to be happier, healthier, etc...)

Making Your Best Better

Managing Desire (Needing More)

Maximum Effort     unlisted

Meditation and Mindfulness

Memory Issues

Mending a Broken Heart

Mental Clutter (Monkey Mind...Brain Fog... etc.)

Mind the Gap (and close it)

Minimizing Issues

Miracles and Enlightenment  

Misreading Things

Missing People

Misusing Time (Avoiding success)

Money Comfort  

Money Fights 

Money Magnet Quickie 

"Money's Not Important"

Motivated by Misery...?  

Motivated to Do Nothing

Mountains into Molehills

Move the Needle 

Moving Forward

Musterbation (Stop Shoulding on Yourself) - MTC  

"My Team Lost!"

Namaste - Acknowledging the Divine in Us

Narcissists (getting free from past or present pain)  

Need and Attachment  

Need to Vent...?

Needing an Apology

Needing Approval and Validation

Needing Extra Weight For Protection (Not Safe to Lose It) 

Needing Others to be Perfect  

Needing Others to Tap

Needing Revenge  

Needing This Issue/Problem (identity - who would you be without it?) 

Needing to Be Afraid

Needing to Be Comforted  

Needing to Be Forgiven

Needing to Be Politically Correct? 

Needing to Check E-mail, Newsfeeds, etc.

Needing To Do It All yourself (Resistance to Delegating)

Needing to Feel Bad if You Lose  

Needing to Find Fault with Others

Needing to Get Rid of Money

Needing to Hang Onto a Belief

Needing to Impress People  

Needing to Justify the Past  

Needing to Prove Yourself  

Needing to Put Weight On (Increasing Appetite)

Needing to Teach Someone a Lesson  

Needing to Worry 

Nervous About Meeting Someone


No Excuses - Motivation  

No Time for Self-Improvement

Not Always at Peace...?  

Not Done Clearing Yet 

"Not Everyone Will Like Me"

Not Feeling Anything - Afraid to Feel

Not Feeling Nurtured or Supported

"Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys"  

Not Ready to Be Epic...? 

Not Ready to Heal  

Not Seeing the Results

Nothing to Be Afraid Of  

Nothing to Lose

"Nothing Works For Me!" 

Nurture Yourself with EFT and Guided Imagery  

Obligations (Moving from "Have To" to "Want To")

Obsessing About Food & Eating

"Old Habits Die Hard" (Doubting you can change)

Optimal Health - Metabolism and Aging

Overcoming Inertia - Getting Moving

Passive Aggressive Much?

Paying Bills  

Paying the Price (Resistance to doing so)

Peer Pressure

"People Can Be Such Jerks!" 

"People Shouldn't..." (and needing to be upset when they do...)

Permission to Be Successful

Permission to Fail

Permission to Feel Good (Happy... maybe even Awesome...?)  

Permission to Relax 

Phone Phobia (fear of making telephone calls)

Planting Better Seeds 

Playing Big (...or Bigger...)

Playing It Safe

Playing the Victim  

Positive Expectation - "Why Not Me?"

Post-Election Healing  

Post-Halloween Candy Cravings  

Power Up! (Become a Super Saiyan) 

Practicing Guitar (or any instrument)

Preemptive Gratitude

Pre-Surgery (or other challenge) Tapping and Guided Imagery 

Prime Yourself for a Great Tomorrow

Putting Your Mind To It

Radiating Love - Guided Imagery


Raise Your Vibration (Virtual Shot of Espresso)

Rampage of Appreciation - Gratitude Tapping 

Reacting vs. Responding  

Receiving Feedback (AKA Criticism)

Reclaiming Your Power

Redefine Yourself  

Refusing to Improve...?

Releasing Blame  

Releasing Emotional Pain  

Releasing Judgment  

Relying on Willpower...? (Conflicting Wants) 

Remember Who You Are

Remembering What Is Important

Resistance to Goals that Stretch You  

Resistance to Going to the Doctor - "Movember" 

Resistance to Learning (learn 2 love 2 learn)

Resistance to Loving Yourself

Resistance to New Information

Resistance to Opportunities? (Looking for a Job, Relationship, etc...)

Resistance to Reading?

Resistance to Trying

Resisting Action on Little Things

Resisting Ambition

Resisting Being an Adult - Fear of Growing Up

Resisting Breakthroughs

Resisting Name-Calling (for your own benefit)

Resisting Structure

Resisting Temptation

Resisting the Remarkable

Retail Therapy - Shopping for a Good Feeling  

Right Here, Right Now

Risking the "Agony of Defeat"

ROAR! (ala Katy Perry) 

Rules and Judgments About Money 

Running Down the Clock - Stalling

Saying "No"

See Yourself Successful

Seeing Another's Point of View (though maybe not agreeing with it) 

Seeing More (Beauty, Abundance, Magic...)

Seeing Problems as Gifts

Seeing Problems as Puzzles  

Seeing the Greatness in Others

Seeing the Magic

Seeing Things as Bad  

Seeing with God's Eyes  

Seek Ye First... to Feel Good

Self-Care (It's a good thing... really)



Self-Love in About Five Minutes



Self-Sabotage is Self-Love (?!?)

Sending Comfort  

Sending Comfort (Take 1)

Sending Comfort (Take 2)

Sense of Being in Danger (feeling threatened)

Serenity Prayer (Alternate Version)

Setting Boundaries

Setting Priorities (and Getting Going) 

Settling - Arguing for Less - Justifying Lack

Settling for "Good Enough" 

Settling for Distractions

Settling for Lower-Shelf Prizes  

Sex  Issues, Stuff Happens (Accepting it with Peace)

Shake It Off

Sharing Your Gifts (and getting off your buts...) 

Sharpening the Axe

Shouldn't Have More Than You Need...?  

Shouldn't Have What Others Don't

Shut Your Mouth (use as needed)  

Slacking Off   

Slowing Yourself Down - Applying the Brakes

So What? 

Social Awkwardness  

Spanish Channel Introduction   

Speaking Clearly

Spiders (but not just about spiders...)

Standing Tall (Improving Posture ... and Attitude)

Standing Up for Yourself  

Starting with a Clean Slate

Staying Committed

Staying/Giving Out of Guilt

Stop Asking for Resistance

Stop Minimizing Successes

Stop Stopping Yourself - Fear of Success

Stop Trying to Prove You Aren't Good Enough

Strengthening Resolve

Success Beyond Belief - Live Workshops with Brad Yates

Success Beyond Belief Live! (and tapping for Making Things Happen)  

"Success is Not an Option!" - Commit to Success 

Suffering to Punish Others  

Surrender - Letting Go and Letting God

Taking Money From Other People

Taking Responsibility for Other People's Feelings

Taking Responsibility for Your Life

Taking Tests (or being tested...) 

Taking the High Road 

Taking Things Personally

Tap and Breathe

Tap O' The Evenin'  

Tap o' the Midday  

Tap O' the Mornin' 

Tapfirmations - Tapping in Affirmations

Tapping 101 - History and Science of EFT

Tapping Away Cravings

Tapping for a Million Dollars ($1,000,000)

Tapping for Change - and a Tribute to Gary Craig - Founder of EFT

Tapping for Kids   (and friends)

Tapping for Kids - Anger 

Tapping for Kids - Fear

Tapping for Kids - Sadness

Tapping for Kids - Sports 

Tapping for Others

Tapping For Parents (or anyone who loves someone)

Tapping for Rejection and Abandonment

Tapping for the Oceans

Tapping for the Rainforests

Tapping for Vets (and others) - Experiencing Horrible Things 

Tapping for World Peace

Tapping into a Good Night's Sleep

Tapping into a Great New Year  

Tapping into Acceptance  

Tapping into Action and Motivation - Clearing Procrastination 

Tapping into Commitment  

Tapping into Creativity  

Tapping into Excellence - Olympic greatness - for athletes and everyone 

Tapping into Feeling Great Right Now  

Tapping into Focus  

Tapping into Forgiveness

Tapping into Fun at Work  

Tapping into Goals  

Tapping into Gratitude

Tapping into Hope and Faith  

Tapping into Intuition

Tapping into Manifestation - Mind Movies  

Tapping into Patience

Tapping into Prayer - Introduction

Tapping into Prayer - Our Deepest Fear by Marianne Williamson

Tapping into Prayer - Prayer of St. Francis

Tapping into Prayer - Serenity Prayer

Tapping into Prayer - Seventh Step Prayer

Tapping into Prayer - The Lord's Prayer

Tapping into Prayer - The Prayer of Jabez

Tapping into Prayer - Third Step Prayer

Tapping into Strength and Hope - Relief for people in crisis (wherever they may be) 

Tapping into the Law of Attraction  

Tapping into the Vortex  

Tapping into Universal Love  

Tapping into Vibrant Health

Tapping into Your True Magnificent Self

Tapping out of Feeling Stupid  

Tapping Through a Break Up

Tapping through Pain

"That's Just the Way I Am!" - Needing to defend our identity

The Four Agreements (Thank you, Don Miguel Ruiz)

The Joy of Loving Your Enemies

The Need to "Fix" It (People, Situations, etc...)  

The Need to be Bothered, Upset, Offended

The Need to Be Perfect - to Get it Right  

The Need to Be Right 

The Need to Complain  

The Need to Feel Bad

The Need to Make it More Difficult 

The Urge to Shame People 

The Will to Do It

The Wizard's Wish 

The Wizard's Wish - A Story About the Magic in You 

There's Nothing Wrong Part Two  

There's Nothing Wrong 

"Things Should Be Different!" 

Think About How You Respond (clearing the urge)

Think Great Thoughts (We Become What We Think About)

Thinking Big (or Bigger)   

Thinking You Want Something

Thinking You're Hungry (misidentifying emotions as hunger) 

Thinking/Feeling You're Not Good Enough  

This Is It

"This Too Shall Pass" - Difficult Times 


Throwing Things Away

Time to Go? (Ending a Relationship)

Time Travel

Tiny Mouth Syndrome (Fear of biting off more than you can chew)

Too Good to Be True? (Doubting what's possible)  

Too Much To Do

Too Sensitive? (Or feel that others are...?)

Trading-Up (Making Better Choices)

Trauma and Abuse  

Travel Comfort

Travel Fears

Treat Yourself Better 

Trouble Staying Committed (You're very committed, but to what...?)

True Grit

Trust Yourself More 

Trying to Avoid the Pain of Loss

Trying to Use the Law of Attr-...? 

Turbulence - fear of things getting bumpy while flying  

Uncomfortable with the Unfamiliar (Fear of the Unknown) 

"Under the Circumstances"

Unleash Your Inner Badass

Uplevel Your Life! (Choosing to Operate at a Higher Level)

Upset That Your Team Lost

Using Money as an Excuse

Valuing What You Have to Offer (Fear that others won't)

Violence Inside  

Waiting in Line (Annoyance or Opportunity?)  

Waiting to Start (squatting to rise)

Waiting Until It's Easier 

Waiting Until the Last Minute (Procrastinating)

Wanting it to be Easy

Wanting Others to Suffer

Wanting to Do Harm - Hurting Others (or even yourself...)

Wanting To Do It

Wanting to Feel Superior  

Wanting What's Good For You

Wasting Resources (Selling the cow for not-so-magic beans)

Welcome to My Crib (viewer requested tour of my office)

"What a Waste" (of time, money, energy...)

What Annoys You?

What Other People Think  

What You Hate About Yourself

What You Want Wants You

"What's It To You?" (What's upsetting us?) 

"What's Up With Me?" (Questioning behavior rather than attacking it) 

When Others Are Upset  

"Who Am I Kidding?" - Self-Doubt

Who's the Boss of You? (your appetite...?)

Will Power vs. Won't Power 

Willing to be Great, Rich, Successful, etc.

Willing to Be Wrong  

Willing to Let Go

Willing to Look Foolish - Self-Improvement


Winner's Guilt  

Winning the Lottery

Winter Blues - Feeling SAD  

"Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda" -("If only I'd handled things differently...")  

Writer's Block (or otherwise creatively stifled)

You are a Goal Achiever  

You Are a Winner 

You Are Adorable and Lovable

You are Awesome! 

You Are Enough

You Are Important (Feeling Unheard/Ignored)

You are Magnificent  

You are Magnificent - short version  

You Are Rich - Money Beyond Belief  

You Are Worthy  

You Can Handle It  

You Deserve to Be Treated with Love and Respect (yes...yes you do)

You Matter

You Should Be Upset (Your Right to Feel Bad vs You're Right) 

You'll Be Okay -(Fear that things are out of your control)

Your Expansive Self 

Your True Value

You're Awesome (No Matter What)  

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