Private Sessions

The most powerful way to work with me is by doing one-on-one private coaching.  I am committed to supporting you...

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Thrive - Special Stimulus Package

These are challenging times, and this is a special package of recordings to help you not only survive these times but...

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Program Yourself for Success

This may come as a surprise to you, but... You are 100% successful 100% of the time! Here's the catch -- you are su...

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Tap into Your Unstoppable Self!

Make a donation to a great cause and cultivate your freedom to succeed! (You choose the donation amount - contributio...

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Tap into YES! with Brad Yates & Steve Wells

Get the Recordings from 4 Unique Online Events with these two World Tapping Experts, and use them to: Become the Per...

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Tap with Brad Swag

T-shirts and sweatshirts and mugs, oh my! Please visit the shop here: Tap with Brad Swag Shop

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Tapping into Riches

When will you start allowing yourself to Tap into the Riches you deserve...? (I think now would be good...) ;) Chan...

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Fearless Acting - The eCourse

Would you like greater freedom to make bolder choices in your art and your career…? Yeah… thought so. ...

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Tapping into Creativity

This was a teleclass series I did with a group of folks following the 12-week creative recovery course in Julia Camer...

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Tap into Success Mastermind

Engaging and life-changing group coaching to help you cultivate a thriving mindset so that you can experience gr...

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A Garden of Emotions: Cultivating Peace through Tapping

Now, more than ever, kids need tools to deal with a wide range of emotions they experience day to day: fear, anxiety,...

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Sales Beyond Belief

Are you ready to move your sales career (and your life) powerfully FORWARD?!? The thoughts that go through your head...

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