One of the most powerful (and fun!) ways to experience Brad’s work is in a live event. 

If you like his videos, you’ll love one of his workshops!
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To experience live tapping from the convenience of your own home, check out Brad's teleclasses (and sometimes other live presentations).

Tap into Your Best Self!

Chicago, IL

Saturday, September 23  9am-5pm
The Palmer House Hilton
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Become the Person You Wish to Be…
Create the Life You Wish to Live!


Live Workshops are my favorite thing to do!  But, choosing to err on the side of caution during the pandemic, I have been cautious about scheduling events. As the world is opening up again, I am so excited to start tapping with you live and in person soon!  So as not to miss any upcoming events, please join my newsletter list - it's free. 

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