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Be Your Own Valentine!

The most important relationship you have is with yourself, and the more you love yourself, the more love you can share with others. Join Kimberly Robbie and Brad Yates for a fun and powerful event.

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Ongoing Live Tapping Opportunities


Weekly live teleclasses, along with hundreds of hours of recorded material - both tapping and guided imagery.

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Tap into Success Mastermind

A powerful small-group program with personal attention along with the benefits of working along with others.

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Past Live Presentations


You can find past Facebook Live presentations on my FB Live page - just click the button below.

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If you can't make it live, the presentations will be available afterwards for replay on YouTube and/or FB immediately afterwards.

Check out my Tapping Through a Crisis playlist: Click here to tap along with those.

Stimulus Package: I am offering a special pay-what-you-can package of tapping programs - click here for more info.

Tapping Through Scams!

Scamming has become increasingly problematic in the information age, and being the victim of this crime can be troubling on a number of layers. Please join me and my friend (and publisher of my children's book A Garden of Emotions) Penny Eifrig as we look at the issue of being scammed and do some tapping to alleviate the various distressing emotions that come from that.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from this, please let them know about it - thank you.

The replay is now available.

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Tappy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to gather... which can also make it a very challenging time for those who are alone. Wherever you might be, feel free to join us as we come together as a community to tap into an ever-greater state of well-being and gratitude. Stuff your soul... and maybe it'll even help you avoid over-stuffing your belly... ;)


Recorded on Thanksgiving Day 2023

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Tapping for Phobias

Fear can be a very useful experience in certain situations... but our minds can sometimes play tricks on us, overexaggerating the danger we may (or may not) be facing. Not only can this be very uncomfortable, it can also be very limiting in terms of our life experience. Fortunately, tapping can be very effective in helping us correct the misunderstandings that manifest as phobias.

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Tapping to Cultivate Peace

Transcending Conflict From the Inside Out 

This event took place on October 11th, 2023 

Please join us as we gather together for some tapping to help cultivate greater peace in ourselves and the world at large.  As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." We'll tap to clear what isn't love and peace. Thank you for contributing to global peace by cultivating more peace inside yourself. 

Click the link below for the replay - and please share it with others - thank you.

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Tapping into Hope

Between the devastating fire in Maui, the strikes in Hollywood, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and elsewhere, and the struggles large and small faced by countless people... it is understandable that a lot of folks are finding it hard to be hopeful. But it is ultimately in our nature to overcome challenges and thrive. Hope is a huge part of who we are, and I hope you will join me for some live tapping to cultivate that hope. It will give you greater strength to take action to make whatever difference you can make - in your own life as well as the world at large - and our combined up-leveling of our energy contributes to the collective well-being of the planet as well. Thank you for being part of that.

This was a free event on YouTube - please share it with friends - the more folks feeling hopeful the better - thanks. :)


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Dream Big and Make It Happen!

Join me for this live tapping event to help you achieve greater freedom to succeed!

Watch it here!

Moving Beyond Violence

Join me and my guest Dhanya Varughese as we tap to process the pain of violence - however we may have experienced it - and free ourselves to cultivate greater peace in ourselves and on this planet.

This event was inspired by June being National Gun Violence Awareness Month. Please know that this presentation will be about healing - not politics. This will not be a discussion about gun rights, but a workshop on moving through the distress we may be feeling about violence and getting to the other side where we can feel - and spread - more peace. Whatever your views may be, I hope you will join us and contribute to the positive energy.

Dhanya Varughese is a Lifeskills Coach/EFT Practitioner serving in the Philadelphia community. 

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From Financial Fear to Prosperity Consciousness

Freaking out about finances...?  Recent events have a lot of folks feeling anxious about money... or the lack of it.  But stress is not the healthiest way to stabilize your finances. Please join me for some tapping to help cultivate greater peace, hope, and prosperity consciousness - for ourselves and the world at large.  

Friday, March 17th - 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern/6pm UK

The replay is available here.

Enjoy the Replay Here

Tap-In for World Peace

Took place on Friday, March 4th 

Please join us for an hour of tapping to help cultivate greater peace in ourselves and the world at large.  

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Tapping into

Peace, Hope & Joy


Please join Christy and me for some tapping to help cultivate greater peace, hope, and joy in ourselves and the world at large.  


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Tapping to Allow Joy


If addiction has caused pain in your life, I hope you will join Kim Moore and me to tap into greater peace and joy.

See the replay here

Clear the Fear of Change

Make Room for Positive Manifestation



Halloween is a time of spooky fun... and one of the things that spook us most is change - even if it's an objectively positive change. That makes it tough for us to manifest what we really want, so let's clear that, shall we? Join me for an hour of tapping to get more comfortable with making life a whole lot better.
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Tapping for

Healthcare Workers


Please join my friend Kimberly Robbie and me for some nurturing tapping for the healthcare heroes who have been on the frontline of the pandemic over this past year.  And even if you don't work in healthcare, I'm confident you will find it beneficial to join us for some self-care. 

This was a YouTube Live presentation. 

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Back to School - Tapping for Teachers and Other School Staff


It's that time of year again... but it's not the same.  As much as teachers love their students, there may be a number of other less comfortable feelings going on as schools open again. Join us for some tapping to help alleviate the stress so that you can create the best outcome for yourself and your students.

Check it out here

Tapping into a New & Improved Normal

YouTube Live - Thursday, June 24th 

A lot of folks have been hoping for things to get back to normal... but was normal really as good as what we really want...?  Join me for some live tapping to clear the discomfort that might be coming up as we emerge from the pandemic, as well as any internal resistance to creating the best life possible. We can make things so much better!

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Tapping into a Legacy of Love

Tuesday, April 27th

Please join Christy and me for some live tapping to celebrate the launch of her book, Building a Legacy of Love: Thriving in the Sandwich Generation... and also our 25th Anniversary!

This will be a Facebook Live presentation. It will be available on YouTube afterward. 

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Recovering from Racism

Having Difficult Conversations and Building Relationships

Thursday, September 3rd - Facebook Live: 

1pm PST - 4pm EST - 9pm UK - 6am AEST (Friday) 

(Find your time here - match to Sacramento)

Racism is a tough subject to talk about - it triggers all kinds of uncomfortable emotions - and that causes many of us to avoid the subject.  Unfortunately, it is a real problem, and we need to talk about it so we can move to a place of greater peace and love. #tappinghelps. I hope you will join me for what I hope will be an enlightening and healing presentation on Facebook live, when I am joined by a wonderful woman named Chiquita Williams.  As I said in my first FB Live on the subject of racism, I had set the intention to collaborate with others who understand this subject far better than I do.  And then Chiquita shows up... talk about Law of Attraction...! 

Chiquita Williams is an educator, activist, mental health practitioner and writer who has spent over two decades organizing for racial justice.  She currently works as a human rights consultant at Lehman College and leads the racial healing initiative at Fountain House, a global mental health organization.  Chiquita bears witness to the transformative power of tapping and practices it daily for healing, emotion regulation and stress reduction.  She is interested in its uses for social justice work, particularly as a tool for building the emotional stamina needed to engage in courageous conversations on race.   

And... she's awesome.  Be sure to join us as we talk and tap our way through this challenging subject to collectively reach a place of peace and justice.


Tell a friend or two (or two hundred... the more folks tapping, the better!)


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Tap into Your Best Self

Wednesday, December 16th - YouTube Live

As the old saying goes, if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten. The person who can create an awesome new year is inside you... but you may have to clear a few old limiting beliefs out of the way to reveal that person. Join me as we tap through some of the common stumbling blocks - such as fear, self-doubt, and uncertainty - and cultivate a more powerful success mindset.  This will be a great way to set yourself up for starting the next year - and finishing this one - on a high note.


See the Replay Here Check out the Tap into Success Mastermind program here

Whatever is bothering you - or limiting your health, wealth and/or happiness -

chances are there's a tap for that. ;)

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