Dr. David Gruder

Even though Dr. David Gruder's training is as a Clinical & Organizational Development Psychologist, now, after over 40 years in the field, he calls himself a "Recovering Psychologist.” Today he provides keynotes, training programs, consulting, facilitating and mentoring in Making Integrity Profitable, Leaders Elevated, Collaborators Productive, Happiness Sustainable, & Cultures Healthy™. Dr. Gruder has provided keynotes and training programs in 7 countries on 3 continents on well over 100 topics.

David was named by Radio-TV Interview Report as "America's Integrity Expert” in 2008, has given a TEDx Talk, and has been the recipient of 2 leadership awards and a culture creation award, as well as 8 book awards in the areas of culture change, politics, leadership, business, health & wellness, mental health, psychology, and self-help. He has authored or been featured in 24 books, and has provided multiple hundreds of media interviews, including Inc.com twice and Forbes 18 times.

Dr. Gruder wears multiple professional hats including, among other things, being the President of Integrity Culture Systems™, the Executive Director of the CIHS Center for Integral Leadership, and the Psychological Business Strategist and M&A Success Psychologist for Blue Sky Business Advisors. He was also the co-founder and first president of the 21-year-old Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

His biggest gift is turning high-minded principles, lofty intentions and audacious goals into practical step-by-step skills & procedures that enable leaders, executives, managers, and work teams to walk their talk, so they can have fun getting things done quickly, collaboratively, & productively, without sacrificing their integrity, wellbeing or cherished relationships.


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  • Dr. Gruder’s Main Website: www.DrGruder.com
  • Energy Psychology Anywhere 
  • Full-Spectrum Anger Effectiveness™

  • Integrity Guide to Having It All 

  • Human Potential 2.0 Free MasterClass — Despite how rapidly Energy Therapy methods work, the personal wellbeing and professional growth journeys have become anything but rapid. In this paradigm-blowing MasterClass Dr. Gruder unpacks how the human potential field became outdated, inefficient, and in some circles corrupt, and he then provides a nextgen strategic roadmap for getting far better results from the time, energy and money you and your clients invest in personal and professional self-development: www.DrGruder.com/hpmasterclass
  • Gruder Academy — If you love growing at your own speed through online courses covering personal and professional development topics you won’t find anywhere else, check out Dr. Gruder’s offerings: www.DrGruder.com/academy
  • PsychPreneur Mentoring — Whether you're a helping professional who is just starting and wants to build your business well from the start, or you’ve already become successful only to discover that you’ve become a slave to your business, or you want to reach more people than you is possible by only working with people one-on-one, Dr. Gruder’s mentoring might be just what you’re looking for: www.DrGruder.com/psychpreneur
  • Dr. Gruder’s Societal Repair Resources: www.5GreatTruths.org and www.HijackingOfHappiness.com 


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Brad Yates is a master teacher. He is a warm, loving, powerful, effective, transformative force for good. I totally endorse his work.

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