I want to be of service to as many people as possible, and I am always very grateful when folks help me in this endeavor by sharing my work!


I always take it as a great compliment, because it means that you believe my work will be beneficial to others.  With this challenge, I thought it would be fun to add a little something extra and do a drawing to offer prizes! :)

Here's how it works: You simply share a post about the Challenge on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram - using one of the two videos I've posted or something that directs people to tapwithbrad.com/challenge. Then fill out this form to add your name to the list to be entered into the drawing. I will randomly select winners from the list. (All winners' posts will be verified.) At the end of the presentation each day, I will announce that day's winner. 

Monday: Signed copies of The Wizard's Wish and A Garden of Emotions

Tuesday: Your Choice of Tap with Brad Swag

Wednesday: A Year of Membership in Advance!  

Thursday: Co-Star in a YouTube Video -  We will shoot a 5-10 min. video on a subject of your choice (something you feel comfortable tapping on publicly...). 

Friday: A Private Session


Even if you don't win a prize, I hope you will feel great about inviting people to participate in what will be a life-changing week. :) 

Share the Freedom to Succeed Challenge

Then enter your information on the form to be added to the list and entered into the drawing. Thank you!

Sweetening the Deal...

You can also share the Challenge as an affiliate! Once you are an affiliate, you can use the affiliate link for the Challenge, and you will earn a commission on anything purchased by anyone joining using your link. (Including online products, memberships, mastermind programs and private sessions.)

Here is a graphic you can use. :)


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