The Magnificent Tappers Club

As a member of the Magnificent Tappers Club, you have access to weekly live teleclasses in which Brad works with a number of participants on the call.  This is a great opportunity to work with him - and a powerful group experience for everyone on the call.  Even if you are unable to join live, you will get great benefits from the recorded calls, which are made available immediately following the live call. 

You also have access to an incredible library of teleclasses, tapping rounds, guided imageries and other recordings - hundreds of hours of life-changing material for releasing limiting beliefs and upsets and enhancing a more abundant, joyful and healthy life!

And, you can try the club out for 5 days for only $1...!

You can cancel at any time to prevent future payments, but there are no refunds on payments already made.


Read more at Magnificent Tappers Club.


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