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Thank you for your interest in Advance.

Registration is now open - but only until October 3rd - don't miss out!

Tap with me live each week!* 

If you are committed to really moving forward and making your life better and better, you will find this an awesome resource to support you in doing so! 

As a member of Advance, you will have access to:

Weekly Live Teleclasses with Me

I work with a number of participants on each call.  This is a great opportunity to work with me one-on-one, and a powerful group experience that takes the tapping experience to a much higher level.  If you like my videos, you will love these calls!

All classes are recorded and always available

Even if you are unable to join live, you will get great benefits from the recorded calls, which are made available immediately following the live call.  The work done in these calls is more profound than I can do in my short videos.

There are four live video calls each month that occur on Tuesdays, alternating weekly between 10am Pacific and 6pm Pacific.

You also have access to an incredible library of teleclasses, tapping rounds, guided imageries and other recordings - life-changing material for releasing limiting beliefs and upsets and enhancing a more abundant, joyful and healthy life!

You get all this for only $670 a year.

That's live original interactive material each week* for less than the price of a movie!

*48 weeks per year

This is an auto-renewing subscription. You can cancel at any time.


"I cannot recommend the membership highly enough! Whenever the new dates get posted for the calls, I take such joy in scheduling them into my calendar knowing I am investing in my energetic and mental health. Appreciate you so much Brad!"

- J.H.


"Being a part of the Magnificent Tappers community is truly extraordinary. In the twelve months or so that I have been part of the community, I've had the opportunity to tap with Brad on four or more occasions. Each one of those has been on a different issue, and it has been truly remarkable. On each occasion, I  have found that I have dramatically reduced the emotional intensity around the issue. I also find that when I take the opportunity to give myself an hour of consistent Tapping with the other mag tappers, I am regularly astonished at the synchronicity of the issues that people will bring up. When I first started with Magnificent Tappers, I had a complete aversion to Tapping on money or abundance. One day, I was just Tapping along with somebody else's issue and discovered that I was Tapping on money.  This opened up my world to allow me Tap on this issue - something that I do quite regularly now.  If you enjoy Brad's work, I can't imagine why you would not want the opportunity to connect with him in the Magnificent Tappers Club."

- C.B.   


“If you are new to tapping, this group is a great way to get in the habit of tapping every Tuesday with Brad and the other members on a live web call! If you’re a tapping veteran, these sessions are a lovely, weekly addition to your already lovely tapping routine! Tapping with Brad LIVE 1 on 1 is an amazing, transformative experience you will never forget!🥰 You also have full access to all Mag Tap call recordings going way back to 2008 - wow, now that’s a lot of tapping! The most amazing thing about Mag Tap is that even if you don’t get on live for that week’s call, there is usually someone who will be on there that will be tapping on a topic that will resonate with what your heart was wishing to address - it’s kinda magic that way! Tapping can be magic, come play in the magic with us!"