I am very blessed to have attracted wonderful people who were willing to take the time to translate some of my videos into other languages. I’m confident this will help an even greater number of folks take advantage of these resources and enjoy a greater abundance of health, wealth and happiness in their lives. Please share this with anyone you feel could benefit from it.

And if you wish to add to this list, I’d be grateful. You can send them to [email protected] Thank you! 

Be Magnificent!



I currently have translations in the following languages:
(Click the language to be taken to the PDF with those translations.)

Note: Some text characters used in other languages will show up as the plain letter – sorry.

For videos with subtitles, it may be necessary to click "CC" in the controls under the video.


Albanian - For videos with Albanian subtitles, click here.




French – For videos with French subtitles, click here.

Dutch – For videos with Dutch subtitles, click here.

German – For videos with German subtitles, click here.


Hebrew - For videos with Hebrew subtitles, click here.

Hungarian - For videos with Hungarian subtitles, click here.

Irish Gaelic

Italian – For videos with Italian subtitles, click here.

Polish – For videos with Polish translations, click here.



Russian – For videos with Russian translations, click here.

Serbian  – For videos with Serbian subtitles, click here.



Spanish – For videos with Spanish subtitles, click here.


Turkish -  For videos with Turkish translations, click here.


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