Tapping into Network Marketing Success with Jessie Reimers and Brad Yates

An Interactive e-course
August 1 - 31, 2018
All Day

Would you like to make more money while also making more of a difference…?

Yeah… thought so. ðŸ˜‰

The person who can do both is inside of you. And like the masterpieces that Michelangelo set free from the marble, your best self can be set free from the thoughts, beliefs, and fears that have kept you playing smaller than you could.

Overcoming a number of challenges, Jessie Reimers is a dynamo in the DoTerra organization, becoming their youngest Presidential Diamond. One of the biggest keys to her success – both personally and professionally – is using EFT/Tapping, particularly through the work of Brad Yates.


Jessie came up with the idea to create an ecourse that could likewise help others achieve the success she’s created… and here it is!

Note – due to our schedules, we were not planning to run this ecourse again until January 2019 – but then we received too many requests from enthusiastic past participants to make this available for their teams ASAP! :)))

Each morning during the month, you will receive a new video from Brad, taking you through the tapping process to clear the biggest stumbling blocks encountered by most network marketers.  As the month progresses, you will experience life- and business-enhancing shifts!  Videos cover such subjects as Not Feeling Qualified, Not Feeling Deserving, Worrying About What Others Think, Procrastination, Fear of Presenting and Being Visible, Fear of Being Pushy, Doubts About Being a Leader & MUCH MORE! (List created by Jessie based on her experience and the experiences of numerous others she’s worked with in network marketing)

Here’s what you get:

  • 31 short EFT/Tapping videos (~10 min.) over the 31 days of August + some bonus videos!
  • Access to a closed FaceBook group where you will see the videos, and where members can support each other to maximize the experience!
  • Weekly live Q&A teleclasses with Brad (including bonus live tapping rounds!)
  • Permanent access to all the material, so you can go back and use the tapping videos to continue enhancing your success mindset and your freedom to succeed!

You get all of this for only $167 USD!

Early-bird special:  Sign up by July 9th, and get it for only $88!  Sign up today to save nearly 50%!

We have run this ecourse three times now, and each time the feedback has been fantastic!  (“Awesome!”  “Absolutely mind-blowing!” “Best. Investment. Ever!”) People are saying they are finding themselves getting more done and feeling more empowered and optimistic about their businesses than ever.  Quite a few people have signed up all three times, each time bringing more of their team members with them!  A growing number of people are using this process to experience greater success and enjoyment in their entrepreneurial endeavors… and their lives.

Now it’s your turn… don’t miss out!


If you are ready for things to get a whole lot better…

Plus… once inside, you’ll also learn how you can enhance your financial abundance while sharing this life-changing opportunity with others. ðŸ™‚



(Just a few of the many enthusiastic responses we received after the first time we ran this e-course)

“Being part of Jessie and Brad’s course was a huge tool in me overcoming money & upper limit blocks. The daily practice of intention and EFT are two powerful tools for unearthing your true alignment. Jessie and Brad have provided practical tools and daily videos any entrepreneur can benefit from to grow their business, smash blocks and bring lasting clarity to their vision.” – Mish Pope, Coach and doTERRA Diamond

“This is a powerful transformative course. Authentic success is 100% reliant on correct mindset. Jessie and Brad tackle the mindset issues and blocks that can undermine our journey towards success at a root level.” – Ben Lee, Musician, Actor, doTERRA Diamond

“This course peeled a lot of layers of the onion and gave me incredible insights into the reasons for my blocks and the things that hold me back from being the freaking awesome individual I am! Thank you so much Brad and Jessie for the opportunity. I intend to continue my daily practise to crash through the barriers as they arise. I love that I can go back and access the videos whenever I want to.” Mary Vibert-Guigue

“I loved this course and although tapping was a complete new thing for me & it felt kind of strange I must say I was amazed at how it worked. I was so surprised at some of things that were blocks for me that I didn’t actually realize until completing this course. Love that I can return to the course anytime, anywhere and each session only takes about 10 mins. Thanks Jessie Reimers & Brad Yates” Danielle Maree Martin, doTERRA Silver

“I would like to personally thank Jessie and Brad for creating this incredible course. As an eft practitioner and doTERRA diamond leader I found this course so valuable. It is perfect for anyone in network marketing who is wanting to smash down their blocks, release their fears and get stuff done. Many of my team members also completed the course and raved about how much they loved it. I recommend this course to anyone in this industry especially is you feel stuck, doubt your ability or feel like something is holding you back. You won’t regret it!”- Amy Innes, EFT Practitioner, Health Coach, doTERRA Diamond



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