From Resentment to Forgiveness

Do you have a mindset that allows you to experience love and peace of mind ...?Many of us have been taught by ma...

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Tapping into Creativity

This was a teleclass series I did with a group of folks following the 12-week creative recovery course in Julia Camer...

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Tapping into Riches

When will you start allowing yourself to Tap into the Riches you deserve...? (I think now would be good...) ;) Chan...

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Golf Beyond Belief

Who else wants a simple but powerful way to get the winning edge…?   Lots of teleseminars are out there...

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The Key To Success

Who else wants a guide to getting what you really want in life? This book has already been well received all ov...

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Sleep Beyond Belief

The masterclass with Brad Yates and Bev Roberts is going to teach you everything you need to know about Tapping* your...

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Tapping into Prosperity Consciousness

Do you have a mindset that allows you to attract and enjoy financial abundance...? (or do you have one that seems to...

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Tapping into Greatness

When will you start allowing yourself to Tap into the Greatness that is your birthright...? (I think now would be go...

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Tapping Into The Will to Do It

Do you have a mindset that allows you to do what you say you're going to do...? What do you want from life...? Mo...

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Sales Beyond Belief

Are you ready to move your sales career (and your life) powerfully FORWARD?!? The thoughts that go through your head...

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Program Yourself for Success

This may come as a surprise to you, but... You are 100% successful 100% of the time! Here's the catch -- you are su...

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Beauty Beyond Belief – with Dawn McIntyre

It is time for you to acknowledge the true beauty of who you are.  Join us as we tap into the empowering truth o...

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