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Thrive - Special Stimulus Package

These are challenging times, and this is a special package of recordings to help you not only survive these times but also thrive!  While many governments are offering a financial stimulus package, this package is meant to stimulate your ability to feel better, do better and live better.

There are a lot of fears about both physical well-being and financial well-being, so included in this package are four hourlong teleclasses on Tapping into Vibrant Health and four on tapping into a Money Magnet Mindset.  And as a bonus, there are also four calls on Tapping into Self-Love - because it's always good to have more of that.  Each call also ends with a nurturing guided imagery session.

Because so many people are struggling financially right now, this is a pay-what-you-can offer.  My four-hour packages normally sell for $49 - so this twelve-hour package would normally sell for $147.  The highest price listed is still 50% off. Choose the price that feels right for you.  I want as many people as possible to benefit from this work - your personal growth benefits the world at large, so thank you for taking advantage of this offer - and thank you for letting others know about it as well.

To make this a win-win-win situation, 10% of sales of this special package will go to Feeding America, a network of foodbanks.  Thank you for your support.