Tapping Into The Will to Do It

Do you have a mindset that allows you to do what you say you're going to do...?

What do you want from life...?

  • More fulfilling relationships
  • Better performance (career, sports, academics...)
  • Improved health
  • More money
  • Greater spiritual connection
  • More peace and happiness...?

And... what will it take to get it?

When JFK asked Werner Von Braun what it would take to put a man on the moon by the end of the century, Van Braun answered simply:

"The will to do it."

This is true of anything we wish to accomplish... and chances are what you are looking for is not quite as complicated as putting a man on the moon...!

If the desire is there, the will is in there, too. And, "where there's a will, there's a way."


Most of us are plagued with a lot of "won'ts" as well, and these keep us from achieving what we desire. The extent to which we are not experiencing what we say we want tends to be the extent to which we are resisting it... because we have a lot of unconscious reasons why what we want wouldn't be okay or safe for us.

Fortunately, most (if not all) of these limiting beliefs are based on misunderstandings, and can be tapped away - setting us free to live the life we really want.

In this engaging series of four one-hour teleclass recordings, success mindset expert Brad Yates takes you through experiential exercises to clear internal blocks to greater achievement, and enhance your ability to create the life you truly desire. As you build a more successful mindset, you will find that taking successful action becomes easier and more natural.

Tapping into the Will to Do It!

On the calls, we work through the "won'ts" that limit our ability to take action.  Participants brought up issues that stop them, and we tapped to clear those blocks.  Even if the issues we work on don't sound exactly like what you are experiencing, don't be surprised as you find your specific blocks being cleared. Of course, don't be surprised if you find that the issues brought up are "right on the money" for you! Either way, you will benefit from the work being done.

Your limiting beliefs and perspectives will be shifted, creating greater freedom for success! As you clear limiting beliefs, you will see yourself more profoundly as someone worthy of success, and will more naturally make choices and take actions that result in greater achievement!

The potential value to your life is incalculable, but the price is only $47.

Ready for a greater success mindset...? 

Note: We use EFT/Tapping and guided imagery during these calls. The calls are presented as four MP3s available for immediate download.


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