Entrepreneurs Sprint 2020

While some folks will choose to coast through the end of this year and then hope for some New Year's motivation to get them going again, others will commit to ending the year strong, paving the way for an even more successful 2021. Thank you for choosing to up-level your life!  I am committed to supporting you in moving powerfully forward.

In each two-hour session over the next eight weeks, I will work with each participant individually on issues that might be limiting your success.  The other participants will benefit tremendously from these tapping rounds, as they will often be issues that others are facing - perhaps not even knowing that they were present. You will be both supporting and benefiting from the other members of the group.

We will be covering issues that affect entrepreneurs such as:

  • Limiting beliefs about money/enhancing your financial blueprint
  • Fears/uncertainty about the economic climate
  • Feeling overwhelmed and stagnating
  • Procrastination and perfectionism
  • Concerns about being seen - fear of criticism and rejection

If your business isn't thriving as much as you'd like - or you know that, as good as it might be, it could be even better - this will be a great opportunity to upgrade your success mindset! It will also help you enjoy the journey more. :)

Entrepreneur Sprint Elite includes a private one-hour one-on-one session each month. (These sessions are priced at the discount granted to clients committing to a year of private sessions.)

These two-hour classes will take place on Zoom on Tuesdays at 2pm PST - 5pm EST - 10pm UK - 8am AEST (Wed.), starting on November 3rd.

This intensive small-group coaching program is limited to only ten participants - first come-first served.

I hope I can look forward to tapping with you soon.

Be Magnificent!



Got questions? Write to [email protected] 


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