Joint Venture Info

Thank you very much for your interest in working with me. I am honored that I receive so many requests like this. Unfortunately, I am not set up to do some of the things requested, such as sending auto-responders. 
But here is what I can offer:

If you like my products, and would like to make money introducing people 
to my work, I would be pleased and grateful. I have a number of affiliates 
who promote my products in regular auto-responders simply because they 
like what I have to offer, and like sharing that, and... it makes them 
money - quite a bit of money for some of them. We have no agreement 
of me likewise sending out any promotion for them in exchange. When 
I do promote something, it is generally a mention in my monthly newsletter. 

Other than a very few exceptions, I don't send solo promotion letters to 
my list. If I really love what you have to offer - or am involved (such as in 
a telesummit) - you might be that exception. But I won't send a solo e-mail
to my list purely out of obligation or just to make money. I'm not saying
there's anything wrong with doing that - it's just not how I use my list.

If you have something to offer and would like me to promote it in my 
newsletter, please let me see a sample. If what you offer has an affiliate 
program, I am certainly happy to add to my abundance when promoting 
something — provided it feels right to me to promote it—so please send 
me any necessary affiliate info.

If I feel what you offer could be of value to my readers and it is a good fit 
(and it may just be a feeling — there may not be definable criteria), I will 
promote it in an upcoming newsletter. My newsletter goes out each month 
on the 15th.

If this works for you, please send me the necessary information, letting 
me know at the beginning of the e-mail that you have read this JV page.

If I do such a promotion, you are likewise under no obligation to reciprocate - 
this will be a no-strings-attached deal. That may not make sense to a lot 
of folks who do business differently, but experience has taught me that I 
enjoy greater prosperity when I trust my instincts and don’t compromise them. :)

If you wish to make more money while making a difference by taking 
advantage of my affiliate opportunity, you are welcome to do so in 
whatever capacity feels right for you. Click HERE to become an affiliate 

I hope this works for you - for both of us, actually. I appreciate your interest 
in working with me, and apologize if I am not set up to honor your request 
exactly as it was laid out.

Be Magnificent!


Brad Yates, C.Ht.


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