The Freedom to Succeed Challenge Replays

Eight powerful hours of tapping through limiting beliefs, enhancing your success mindset and creating breakthroughs in your business and in your life!


Over the course of eight days in mid-March, I did a series of live tapping presentations to help folks experience breakthroughs in different areas where they may have been limiting their success. 

We tapped on a variety of issues that block many of us from advancing confidently in the direction of our dreams, including feelings of unworthiness, fear of being seen, fear of how other people will feel about our success, and LOTS of tapping on money issues! Here are just a few of the comments:

"Just want to say I have really appreciated these sessions. They have been fabulous and divine timing for me!" 

"Thank you, Brad! You're showing us how to work with the energy that creates worlds. There are no limits to what we can achieve!"

"That was MAGICAL! Thank you so much!!"

"Wow, that was so powerful. I'd love to repeat that same tapping session every day!"

You now have the opportunity to get all of these video replays... and all for only $27!


Achieve the Freedom to Succeed! 

The extent to which you are not experiencing the success you want tends to be the extent to which you are resisting it. You have big ideas about how you want to live and what you want to create... but certain thoughts and beliefs may be slowing you down, or even stopping you. Self-sabotage is simply misguided love - and old misunderstandings are telling you it's not safe to be, do and have more. We will identify and dissolve those blocks so that you can feel more motivated and give yourself permission to move powerfully forward!

It's time to Green-Light Your Success!


Missed last week's presentations?

We did a lot of powerful tapping on some of the blocks to greater health, wealth and happiness. The replays are now available.

Tap into Your Best Self

When asked how he produced such marvelous sculptures, Michelangelo responded that he saw the subjects already there - perfect - inside the marble, and that he then just chipped away all the stone that didn't belong, revealing the masterpiece within.

During this transformational series, you will likewise acknowledge the masterpiece that is already inside you and clear away the stuff that doesn't belong. Success, health and happiness are your true nature. As you reveal the real you - as you allow yourself to believe in yourself and what you are capable of - you naturally think and perform more successfully in all areas of your life.


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