MEN: Break Through the Fear, Doubt and Resistance Holding you Back from Being Your Best

Using one of the most powerful and proven tools for deep inner transformation, get ready to be guided by one of the world's leading experts in this life-changing workshop

Live Online Zoom Workshop
Tuesday Nov. 16 @ 12pm-2pm PST

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What Life Could You Build Without Your Limiting Beliefs, Thoughts and Habits?

As a man, you have a natural drive to create something of value, meaning and purpose.

Even if you haven't felt that in a while, I promise you it is still there. 

You have goals, dreams, and desires in all areas of life, from more satisfying work, to earning more and forming deeper relationships.

When you start to take actions to bring those goals into reality, have you ever felt like something is holding you back from  executing  at your highest level

That resistance can come in all sorts of ways,

  • Feeling distracted, spending time on surfing the web, gaming...
  • A loss of energy or ambition to create what you want
  • A feeling that it won't work out, so why bother trying?
  • So many more, from subtle to overt...

This is not just about a lack of willpower, drive or "hustle."  

This resistance comes from beliefs, learned behaviors and safety mechanisms (similar to a regulator in your car) that are embedded in your body, subconscious mind and nervous system. 

The deep inner work we will do together in this workshop will help you uproot and clear the true source of these blocks.


As a Man, You Were Taught Many Things That Are Limiting Your Potential

  • Destructive beliefs and ideals about what it is to be a "real man."
  • Your self-worth is directly related to your career success.
  • Romantic relationships are something to pursue and "conquer." 
  • You have to look a certain way to be taken seriously
  • After a certain age you are past your prime. 

We are told that it's better to do things on our own, that asking for help is a sign of weakness.

This actually goes against important, centuries-long traditions of apprenticeship, team building, training and initiation rituals.  

We are often taught that confronting and expressing our emotions is "weak" or "vulnerable."

Facing and working with our emotional challenges is actually one of the most courageous and growth-provoking things you can do.

You'll be amazed at the results you can experience from this inner work!


Even if you're already engaged in this work, you may have noticed that most workshops...

Have an audience of mostly women.

It doesn't always feel appropriate or comfortable to bring up certain subjects in that environment. 

 This will be an opportunity to explore and clear issues that matter to you, without feeling a need to edit or hold back.

Everything from:

  • Frustrations and challenges around dating and relationships
  • Imposter syndrome and insecurity.
  • Feeling like you're not being "man" enough
  • Sex-drive, desire, physical challenges or anything related to the subject
  • Because you can work 1-on-1, anything that is important to you 

The changes this work can deliver around these important subjects will help give you a sense of power and freedom that will impact all areas of life!


Work Live 1-on-1

There will be time on the call for several individuals to work 1-on-1 with Brad.

The process works such that everyone will benefit by following along with the exercise, whether live or recorded.

Lifetime Recording Access

Whether or not you attend the call live, you'll have lifetime access to watch or listen to the recording.

You will find that this process gets even more powerful with repeated use, making this recording a great resource.

Specifically for Men

This is a unique opportunity to bring up and clear those issues and challenges that rarely (if ever) come up on other calls or workshops. 

You'll also experience the power and benefit of being with a supportive group of like-minded men who are willing to do the work!

Join The Advancing Man Workshop

Experience deep transformation on the subjects that matter most to you.

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In This Workshop

Designed specifically for men, you will be taken through an intensive (but fun) resistance clearing workout by internationally-known hypnotherapist, speaker, best-selling author and personal performance coach Brad Yates. You will learn and be guided through a process called Tapping (AKA Emotional Freedom Techniques - EFT), a cutting-edge body-mind technique that is being used effectively by a growing number of people around the world to let go of their fears and enhance all areas of their lives! 

There is a physiological and psychological stress response that occurs when we attempt to do something that will transform our lives, even if for the better.  Tapping alleviates this stress response, allowing us greater freedom of choice in our thoughts and actions.

You will walk away with...

  • increased confidence and self worth and... 
  • a new set of tools for enhancing your success in both your career and personal life 

 You will leave behind... 

  • fears  
  • doubts and
  • beliefs that have previously held you back..... 


Consider the possibilities! 

Join The Advancing Man Workshop

Experience deep transformation on the subjects that matter most to you.

Click Here for the Super Early Bird Price